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Frequency Playground is a podcast-style Zoom call, where we gather to chat about all things energy, frequency, and vibration. We are weaving worlds in the Quantum through innovative, cutting-edge conversations, and having a ton of FUN at the same time!  

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Meet Your Host

Anni Daulter


Anni is an artist of life.

She is a lover of shifting perspectives into full belief of possible. A word medicine activation witch and a woman of character.

Anni follows her heart hits around the world in search of Dakini and treasured moments. She is a soul home designer, hand crafter of beauty in every form, an author of a bunch of books, obsessed with frequency and Healy, and has a handful of peach luck.

Anni runs worldwide soul-stretching retreats in sacred lands and creates containers of deep transformation. She is a mother to 4 exceptional souls and is always in beginners' minds. She's earned all the spiritual titles but would never use them, because what she's figured out is after a lifetime of learning and teaching, she has barely scratched the surface of all the mystery in this world. Mostly, she aches to help every soul believe in magick again, like maybe they did when they were kids.

In the nothingness, everything can grow. 🖤

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BONUS: Crystal Magick for 2024 Intention Setting!

-your fave crystal
-quartz crystal if you have one
-small white candle
-bowl of spring water

Crystals hold a very sacred & stable vibration and frequency and they can be a great ally to us as we move through life.

Join Anni as she takes you through a journey with crystals and shows you how you can even now talk to your crystals using the sacred Healy device!!!

This frequency playground is gonna be so fun! Plan for a little over the hour mark for this one, we may go 15 min over....

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Frequency Playground sessions

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Tuesday, November 14, at 8 AM PST/ 11 AM EST 



There is a 1 in 4 trillion chance you would be born. You are already a miracle. Your original blueprint contains your own personal mandate from heaven. Your Ming. Big or small EVERYONE has a Ming.

We are on the verge of a huge energy shift. We are moving from 20 years of Earth, to 20 years of Fire. We are going from Period 8 to Period 9 and it is occurring in a Wood Dragon year.

Come play in the frequency of the Phoenix and the Dragon. Learn what Ming is & things that influence you expressing your ming.

See how you can vibe up with HEALY to get into sync with the new energies!

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Tuesday, October 31, at 10 AM PST/ 1 PM EST 



 Samhain is a sacred day, the veil is thin between worlds and we have an opportunity to move through that veil with magick on our lips. 


This is a SPECIAL frequency playground to open up your connection to the unseen world and use healy for magick ! 


Anni will dive into using frequency with the natural world! Come prepared for a a Samhain ritual.  


Please bring : 


A small hallowed out pumpkin   



Paper / pen 

3 coins 

Sugar or candies 

Earth from your home 

A fall flower or leaf 🍁

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Tuesday, October 24, at 12 noon PST/ 3 PM EST 



With a focus on Metasymbology, Meditation and Storytelling, Andromeda in-courages you to become aware of your relationship with time, and yourself.

Through cycle awareness and the meditative practice of timeline jumping, we are all ways invited to use time for our infinite benefit.

During this frequency playground Andromeda will share a ritual which supported her in crafting a healthy culture with Time, as well as in-sights about ways we can all be both time-less and time-abundant.

Andromeda will be discussing a Healy accessory which has be-come elemental to learning about her body and the present moment: Healy Watch - kNOW your body. 

Andromeda's Bio: Tap into your infinite well with Andromeda of Earth, a matriarch ob-serving frequency and the magick of Healy with Metasymbology, Meditation and Science-Fiction Storytelling.

Currently living in Michigan (USA) with her family, Andromeda in-joys guiding people back to themselves and living in the vibration of PLAY.

After spending the last 25+ years observing ‘The Frequency of Time’, Andromeda is sharing her experience with Metasymbology (a.k.a. Cards of Destiny or Cardology) with the public - all those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Guided by cyclical awareness, fractal geometry and the meditative practice of timeline jumping, Andromeda invites people to re-establish a healthy relationship with ‘Time’ through exploration and conversation.


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    The next Frequency Playground session is:

Saturday, September 30, at 11 AM PST/ 2 PM EST 



There are 3 sacred steps to each transformation: 

1. sacred intention

2. the event (such as a breakthrough, in-sight, plant medicine journey, etc)

3. devotional integration

In this Frequency Playground, we will discuss how the Healy sacred quantum technology is the perfect tool to support all 3 steps to healing and transformation, igniting a powerful movement of conscious souls who are raising their frequency and supporting their communities to do the same! 

We will select someone on this call to do an on-the-spot random quantum scan!


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Friday, September 8, at 11 AM PST/ 2:00 PM EST 



This is an extra extra special chat for us at Frequency Playground, with Chris-Anne Donnelly, Author of The Muse Tarot!

Tarot, one of the most ancient forms of divination, dating back to the 15th century, is a potent form of frequency connection.

Every single card has its own vibration and our energy systems and bioenergetics weave with our intuition, as we use tarot to gain fruitful in-sights.

Chris-Anne is a potent connector to the divine energies around her. We will show you to to use the Healy with your sacred divination tools, and even do a quick tarot spread for the collective on the call !!

Bonus: Someone will win Chris-Anne's 'muse' tarot deck and my 'Activating Your Magick Possible' frequency for use on the Healy & MagHealy and I'll teach you how to pair those two power energies together!

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 Join us for a very special Frequency Playground with Javier Payano. 

We all know that Healy attracts high-vibration women, and it's now finally attracting more and more divine masculine voices. Men who weave their medicine and magick so beautifully in the world and who are breaking old patterns and paradigms of how we can weave together are showing up HERE!

Javier's vibe is magnificent. 

Join us to hear this beautiful soul share on this very potent topic of weaving more masculine voices into our frequency businesses!  

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   The Frequency of Your Name & the importance of word medicine in your business

What’s In a Name?
Join Marialicia (pronounced Mah-dee-ah-lee-sia) González in this exploration of the vibrational power of names. As a first generation American with a sometimes unpronounceable name for Americans, she has lived with explaining her name, her heritage, and navigating people mispronouncing it daily.
Our names, the sounds and vibrations that become imprinted into our cells, our lives, and our lineages, are sacred sounds. Sounds worth listening for and learning about.
Using meditation, poetry, and curiosity, Marialicia will lead us in playful and deep uncovering, to awaken what sounds best reflect who we are, our frequency, and our magnificence.
Marialicia is a midwife, storyteller, grief revolutionary, and poet. She is the Mother of the Integrating Grief Program for Healy. She lives outside of Portland, Oregon and takes every chance she gets to dance in the ocean waves.
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    Recorded on the 8/ 8 lion portal where a witch, a storyteller, a shaman, and a cacao ceremonialist came together to share how they use frequency with their earth medicine practices. 

As we stitch together the new earth paradigm, we call in the threads of the ancients and we blend THE OLD + THE NEW. The alchemy is cooked with ideas from the oldest forms of healing and earth medicine and then spiced with our brand-spanking new intentions.
The medicine women are being called to Healy for a deep and transformative reason, come and hear our thoughts and weave some alchemy with us on this very sacred day.
Come Prepared to Play:
*Come with a cup of warm cacao or tea to this recorded session
*Bring any small crystal, some salt, paper and a small bowl of water


Here are our 4 guest speakers:

 Returning to our harmonic blueprint lends us to a sense of wholeness, empowerment & alignment in all areas of life.
We will play in the fertile grounds of personal development context of healing the generational lack patterns around money, recoherence to the harmonic blueprint involves letting go of scarcity mindsets, releasing our limiting beliefs & embrace abundance frequency as a natural state of being.
Discover how Healy is playing such an important part as an frequency tool & energy business that heals these generational patterns of lack & is supporting individuals unlocking their potential for financial prosperity, through sharing their gifts & talents.
Piule & Matthew will lead a somatic meditation of passing the Flower of Abundance back through our family generations to re-pattern these generational patterns or wounds around money so we can bring the re'coherence of Prosperity into our lives, supported by the Ascended Masters & Angels.

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Rosalyn, an Akashic Business Coach, former psychologist and Shamanic Practitioner and Healy sister, is so excited to share with you an EXPERIENCE in the Akashic Records and bringing the Alchemy of her soul-gifts to support you in becoming more bold and unapologetic in all areas of your life and business.
Rosalyn will share how she incorporates using Healy into helping herself and her clients, and lineage members bring their most confident, boldest and unapologetic self to their life and business!She will share her specific Healy programs she accesses (and you can too!) to be authentically fully-expressed and have a life and business with more ease, fun and flow!
This session is for you if: You want to have a breakthrough in a current challenge in your situation right now, whether it's a relationship, your health, your career/business, finances.
You want to experience channelled messages for the group collective in regards to what is energetically blocking you right now.How to shift out of it (Rosalyn will bringing her former psychologist and life coaching background to support you in mindset)Clearings and cord cutting through Shamanic practicesReclaim your power - light language & somatic practices to activate & amplify your Light.
Feel embodied in your bold and unapologetic self as you leave the session so that you have new outlook, perspective and energy facing your challenges.
Embody your Personal Magnetism! You won't want to miss this!
In Abundant Love & Joy, Rosalyn.
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What you grieve is what you Love. Grief is often ignored until we are met with a big loss; the death of a loved one or the loss of a relationship.
But what about the loss of identity through major life shifts or the tiny daily losses that have to be metabolized and moved through in order to be fully integrated?
As co-founder of the "Grief Rites Foundation", midwife, and palliative care nurse, Marialicia has ushered hundreds through the portals of birth and death. She is the best-selling author of “Language Has No Words” and is preparing to release a new program for Healy called “Integrating Grief”.
In this session of Frequency Playground, Marialicia will lead us on a journey of identifying where grief lives in our bodies and putting it into words with our very own poem.  Prepare to be invigorated and deepened by our time together. 
You'll want to have a pen and paper for this playground!


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Mette is a Yoga Teacher and Healer from Denmark. She is also a passionate advocate for our four-legged friends, having spent her entire life working to make a difference for them. When she purchased her Healy, she had a vision to use Frequency Therapy in her work with animals. She has had great success working with her pets this way, and in this session of Frequency Playground, she will share how she has done that!

Mette hopes to inspire and encourage every animal lover to start using their Healy with their pets right away!

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  Metamorphosis is the passing of who you became to please others, and the angelic unearthing of who you truly are, your Divine essence.
Two beautiful Souls, Judy Machado and Craig Young, have combined their "heart-opening medicines" of Cacao and 432HZ music to create a majestic piece of Soul food for humanity! The result is a supreme guided journey which may be experienced over and over again for radical Spiritual growth.
 Craig Young's music compositions have been featured in the work of impactful creators and organizations all around the world including healing and breathwork sessions led by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  
Join us as we experience together this exquisite, guided journey and visualization, recorded to one of Craig's magnificent,  world-renowned soundtracks called Metamorphosis.
The soundtrack includes high-frequency words and phrases, guiding you on a journey through a personal metamorphosis.


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Anni Daulter is an elemental witch who has run worldwide retreats for the past 15 years, helping women touch their magick.
In this session of Frequency Playground, Anni will open her 4-part series on Frequency & the Elements with The Element of Fire. She will talk about the energetics of Fire, the potency of Candle Magick, and staying close to the fire of your passions, your business, and your visions - an art of constant transformation.
Come learn how to integrate the Healy into Elemental Magick!
*Bring a candle you can carve
*A long nail you can use to carve your candle
*Your favorite essential oil
*Cinnamon powder
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Educating your children at home comes with its own set of challenges and can sometimes lead to overwhelm. Michelle knows this first-hand, as the sole facilitator of education for her three children, one of whom falls in the Autism spectrum. Balancing home-education with military life and now single motherhood, she also knows the importance of having the proper tools to assist and support her through this process. In this session, Michelle will share how Frequency helps her to create the energetic groundwork for a thriving, nourishing, flourishing educational experience on the homefront.
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You are the stardust that galaxies are made of and Mama Cacao, Master Plant Medicine, will help you to remember this Truth within you.  Learn how to develop a sacred relationship with Mama Cacao as well as the beautiful loving energy of money, to help you to embody your Self as the Creator of your life. 
Judy will share how you can bring sacred intention and frequency to a daily, deeply devotional connection to Cacao.

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The past 25 years have held a number of titles, credentials, & certifications for Lydia T in the field of personal development/inner healing. But these days, as her own journey of personal development unfolds, she desires to be known more by who she is than by what she's done. She is understanding more than ever that our true power- the REAL Magick- happens when we fully embody this physical vessel with our Spirit form, integrating the very Essence of Source Intelligence into every cell. When we tune in completely to the Frequency of Love and fully align with our Higher Selves, we begin to experience the life of peacefulness and ease we desire.
In this talk, Lydia T shared some of the ways we can use the Healy to help guide our steps along the path of Self-Discovery through the use of the programs in the Blue App.
Follow Lydia on Instagram: @flamekat
An Intuitive Healer and Coach, Tracy possesses the natural gift of creating sacred space to facilitate deeply transformative healing. In this session, she will guide us through a powerful SRT Clearing to release energetic blocks we may have to money that are holding us back from our next level of financial freedom.
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 Brie has a passion for creating beauty through food. Designing high vibrational recipes that uplift the frequency of the human body.
In this frequency playground, Brie will share her favorite foods to make you magnetic and charming, glowing and radiant, powerful and potent! She shares a few ways that Healy can greatly enhance the frequency of our food for vitality and beauty!
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Watch short clips from the session:


Recipes shared by Brie during the session:


2 tablespoons lion’s mane
2 tablespoons ground turmeric
1 tablespoon ground ginger
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground cardamom
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 teaspoon pepper

1-2 cups oat milk (or milk of choice)
1-2 teaspoons of honey
1 teaspoon spice mix

Mix all of these spices in a jar!  This will keep for weeks and is so convenient to make a quick nourishing adaptogenic tonic.

In a pot over medium heat warm up your milk.  There are 2 ways to make this drink.  First (and fastest) is to add the milk, honey and spice mix to a blender and whip it up until frothy.  The way I like making it is with a matcha whisk.  In a cup of choice first add the honey and spice mix, whisk that together, then add hot milk a little at a time and whisk until frothy.  I also added a little frothed oat milk on top and a touch more nutmeg.



1 1/2 cup raw beet
1 1/2 cup raw cashew, soaked and drained
1 1/2 cup raw macadamia, soaked and drained
2 tablespoons pine pollen
Juice of 1 lemon
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 cup water (+ more if needed)

Place all of the ingredients in a blender, blend with attention.  Start at a low speed and use a spatula to scrape the sides if you get air pockets at the base of the blender.  Finish by blending on high for a minute at least.  You want the consistency to be VERY smooth.  If you need more water add it little by little (one tablespoon at a time)








 Weaving together her experience in Eastern and Western medicine practices, Kimberly Maloney has been healing people for nearly 30 years. In this talk, she will be teaching us how to activate our Shen, create a qi ball, and how this vital life force energy is interwoven with and supported by Frequency.
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Recipe shared by Kimberly during the session

Shen Tea

2 cups water
Rose (essential oil or flower)
Fresh Ginger (warms & grounds )
Goji berries (tonify the blood)
Some orange or lemon (moves qi )
Honey to remind you of the sweetness of life